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Google Views: The New 360 Photo Platform

It's called Views, the new Google virtual community project. This is a new platform built into the Map service, next to Street View. With Views, you can upload your 360 photos made with Photo Sphere. They can thus be viewed by anyone accessing that particular part of the map.

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Meet the Views. /  Google
<p>Many of you have certainly tried the Photo Sphere feature, released with Android 4.2 and now improved with Jelly Bean 4.3. It allows 360 shots to be taken as the shutter is released at indicated points on the screen. Soon the function became very popular, so much so that it has now gained its own community.</p><div class=

From now on, therefore, you can upload your Photo Spheres to the Views website through your Google Plus account. A user profile in Views will be automatically created so you can collect your panoramas and receive compliments or criticism from the online community.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
PhotoSphere Berlin with its location on Google Maps./ Google

And if you still don't know how to make a 360 photo with Photo Sphere's function, here's an explanatory video:

Link to video

What is your experience with Photo Sphere? To be honest, I still couldn't make a decent 360 picture. And you?

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