Google uses Facebook-like technique to capture user data

Google uses Facebook-like technique to capture user data

Earlier today, (plus) a huge polemic broke out in the hands of Facebook and splashed at Apple Park when a report revealed at least questionable techniques that Mark Zuckerberg's giant was using to capture data from iPhone users. The corporate certificate that Facebook took advantage of to make the practice possible was promptly banned, but apparently the company is not the only one to use this technique.

Google app that used corporate certificates to capture user data

As reported by TechCrunch, Google has, since 2012, performed a similar practice through an app called Screenwise Meter, which uses a Mountain View giant's business certificate to collect usage data from participating users, who receive gift cards as a “payment”.

The certificate used to install a VPN app outside the App Store is that app, in turn, which has the function of capturing users' browsing data. It works almost the same as the banned Facebook app, but with a difference: Google informs from the first moment about the data being monitored, and offers in the app itself a "guest mode" that at least supposedly temporarily disables all captures .

In a statement sent to the BuzzFeed News, Google has classified the use of its digital certificates as an error:

The Screenwise Meter app should not have operated under Apple's corporate program this was a mistake and we apologize. We have disabled the app on iOS devices. The use of the app completely voluntary and always has been. We always make it clear to users the ways we use their data in the app, we don't have access to encrypted data on apps and devices, and users can leave the program at any time.

In any case, this does not change the fact that Google's practice is prohibited by Apple's privacy policy; So far, Ma has not taken steps to curb the action of the application, but news about it should come soon. This is interesting: If Google's corporate certificate is revoked, after all, its services could be severely shaken in the Apple ecosystem, as Facebook did.

Facebook negotiates

Speaking of Facebook, the reporter of Bloomberg Sarah Frier has confirmed from sources inside Mark Zuckerberg's giant that all of the company's test applications are currently offline, precisely because of the revocation of the company's corporate certificate.

According to Frier, Facebook is already in talks with Apple to reverse the action and apps to work again; There is no more information about the progress of conversations or what it means in the short term for the development of Facebook applications. The reporter also states that the company is not concerned that similar consequences will come from Google for similar possible practices on Android.

Let's see what this whole story is about.

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