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Google updates Gmail and Photos [APK]

Google always strives to bring new functions to users, and lately Google Apps (Gapps, for the latter) have taken up much of the responsibility for these updates, after all, it's easier to update some apps than an entire operating system. Today's chosen ones were the Gmail it's the Photos, from Google +.

google apps lollipop from
Some of Google's apps. / ANDROIDPIT


O update brings you the possibility to see all your emails – even from different accounts – in the same inbox. The new function is called All inboxes, or All Entries. This will allow you to reply to any email from any account (even @yahoo or @outlook) without having to jump from account to account. Another novelty is the incorporation of the Conversation for non-Google accounts.

Gmail Search has also been modified, the algorithm seems to have received an update so that auto complete be smarter. This last change is what makes me most happy, since the search for Gmail has always left me at hand.

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All Entries. / ANDROIDPIT
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O apk can be downloaded here by APKMirror.


There are not many details of this update yet, but the main thing seems to be the integration between Google+ photos and videos with Google Drive. Change hits Drive from Android, iOS and web. From what Google has said so far, a Photos menu will appear in Drive, and save all your G + videos and photos.

Google+ Photos will continue to exist, and Drive will allow you to organize your files along with your photos – such as possible wedding photos alongside your guest list (Google example). Upgrading directly from the server, so should be available to everyone soon, soon. However, only recent photos will appear on Drive today, and they should all rise in the coming weeks, depending on the size of the bookstore.

drive photos
My photos have not yet appeared. / ANDROIDPIT

Google Drive
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