Google turns image search into a one-click shopping mall

After years, the search giant has decided to revamp its image search system. Undoubtedly, the news made the search much easier, but don't forget that Google is a box of surprises and their business to make money on advertising.

Yesterday, the Google developer team blogged The Keyword, which featured the news added with the Google App update regarding the new image search. The company now uses an identification system, almost like a tag, that shows images by color, resolution, format (GIF for example) and category. So if you are looking for images of a pasta dish, besides the photo itself, you will have access to recitations and could even place a delivery order.

google image search update
Search for a pasta dish and end up with a tele-delivery / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

This system works very well with consumer goods, because when looking for pictures of people, for example, things work differently.

In addition to turning the search for images into an online shopping mall, since it is clear to me that we are talking about an online shop window when we open this search bar on our smartphones, Google also shows us how evolving is when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Learning. Machine. Pick up your phone and search for a product, so you can see just how fast and functional Google Product Search for images is.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

Shopping has never been easier.

If you are looking for a blue boot, for example, just search for the word "boot" and then filter the search for colors. Like in a shop window, you pick the one you like best and go straight to the store. Honestly, shopping has never been easier.

google image search update product
Looking for boots, go straight to image source / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

And this in Google's merit only. In Facebook Messenger, the Glamix shopping button machine learning application, for example, lets you photograph and buy any piece of clothing or shoes in real time. Thus, by recognizing the characteristics of a blouse, the bot accurately recognizes the model and quickly offers a shopping site. The same system is present in Samsung's Bixby Vision feature, but as Bixby is still under development, it does not yet offer a full experience.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

In Brazil, buying products online still depends a lot on specific dates of the trade.

However, especially in Brazil, buying products online still depends heavily on specific trade dates such as Black Friday, Christmas or Mother's Day. But the future of online sales is mobile, that is, smartphones are the perfect tool, and Google has known this for a long time, so much so that the new mobile search is much more complete than the web version.

In my opinion, of course, Google's new search for images is more practical and functional, but it is also obvious that the goal is not only to help the user. I rephrase once again: if the product is free, then the product you!

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