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Google Translate performs transcriptions to other languages

If you are practicing English and want to understand how to translate a sentence, then you need to know that Google Translate performs transcriptions to other languages ??in real time. Best of all, the process is so easy that you will be surprised not to know this before, just as we were also surprised.

You don't need much for Google Translate to be able to make these transcripts. After reading this article, in a few minutes you will get to know how a sentence is Portuguese written in English or any other language available in the app. That is, have an excellent source to learn languages ??and answer questions at any time.

It is also worth mentioning that you can use this functionality either in your favorite internet browsers on your computer or on your smartphone.

Now, check out below how Google Translate transcribes into English or other languages ??in real time!

How to perform transcriptions using the application?

1 – Click on the link to access the Google Translate;

2 –In the top left bar, choose the language you want to speak;

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<p><strong>3 –</strong>In the right part of the same bar, choose the language into which the sentence will be translated in real time;</p>
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What did you think of the Google Translate transcripts?

For this example, we use only a short sentence. However, you can use the tool when writing a message to send email to foreign customers, whose languages ??still have some difficulty.

As already mentioned, you can also use this translator tool to understand how to pronounce phrases specific to the language you are studying. In other words, there is no shortage of alternatives and we can easily consider Google Translate as one of the best apps for learning languages ??or conversing with foreigners.

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