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Google Translate now also offline for Android

The Google Translate app can now be used without an internet connection. So if you travel to Germany, you can understand what's on the menu without spending data plan fortunes or carrying a shoulder strap.

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Update allows users to access Google Translate even without internet access! / AndroidPIT
<p>Users can download language packs that weigh on average 160MB and allow offline translation between two languages. Now, when you are traveling without the internet, your smartphone has started to serve one more function. Alis, as well as Google could extend the news to GMapas.</p><div class=

Packages are available in 50 languages, including Portugus. However, keep in mind that sentence translation may not be perfect, but it can greatly help in critical cases such as going to the bathroom, walking in the right direction or preventing you from eating mushrooms when they cause you allergy.

To install the Google Translate app, go to the AndroidPIT App Center.

And besides Google Translate, what other Google service would you like to see running offline as well? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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