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Google Translate gains support for new languages ​​in simultaneous translation with camera

Google Translate allows the user to explore unknown places, communicate in different languages, and make connections that would otherwise be impossible.

One of the key features of the mobile app is instant camera translation by simply pointing the lens at text in another language. Starting today, Google introduces a number of updates to make the feature even more useful for everyone.

Simultaneous camera translation now supports 60 additional languages ​​such as Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese.

It is still possible to translate to any of the 100+ languages ​​available in Google Translate, ie translate from Arabic to French or Japanese to Chinese and many other combinations, something that was not possible before.

When traveling abroad, especially in a region with multiple languages, it was a challenge for people to determine the language for simultaneous translation with the camera.

In the new version of the app, simply select “Detect language” with the source language, and the Google Translate app will automatically detect the language and translate it.

For the first time ever, Neural Automatic Translation (NMT) technology is integrated with instant camera translations. NMT technology produces more accurate and more natural translations.

Most languages ​​can still be downloaded to your device so you can use this function even without an internet connection. When the device is connected to the Internet, the function uses the network to further improve translations.

The function also has a new look and its more intuitive use. Translated texts are also more polished to make them more readable when displayed.