Google Toolbar 5 implements Chrome Guide in Firefox and IE


Google today added a new feature to Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox which implements a range of useful information whenever the user opens a new tab in the browser, just as it does in Google Chrome.

In addition to displaying the most visited sites, based on visitation history data, Firefox users can easily access their most recent bookmarks and view the latest closed tabs, allowing them to reopen if necessary. You can also customize the highlights by clicking on the edit link below the previews of the most visited sites.

Find out how to activate the new Google tab

1. After installing the Google Toolbar, click the Toolbar screwdriver button. Within the Search tab, check the box for ‚ÄúActivate the new Google guide page‚ÄĚ .3. Click Save.

Internet Explorer

Also, according to Google, the tabbed browsing feature of Internet Explorer must be enabled to use the new Google tab. In IE8, the New tab option must be selected when a new tab is opened.