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Google takes big step in tackling accidental click ads

A tuned Android user knows that Google's operating system leads the smartphone market and offers unique features when compared to other available OSs around the world. It turns out that tuned Android user also knows that there are many flaws and features that need to be optimized on the platform. It seems, TheSome enhancements are coming, such as the recent novelty in combating accidental clicks on advertising banners in apps.

Google's product manager, responsible for mobile screen advertising, Allen Huang, has published a very interesting article on the Google Mobile Ads Blog showing that Big G has not forgotten the love of Android apps. Who has never accidentally clicked on advertising in any app and was redirected to another page? The simple and extremely functional idea: From now on, whenever the user clicks on the advertising bar, they will be asked if they really are interested in doing so by:

Now I wonder why this solution came about just now? I think for a variety of reasons, but the main one is because Google is really concerned about the quality of Android apps. After matching the number of programs available on the Play Store with Apple's App Store, the search giant now seems to focus on the quality of these apps, following Maa's example that requires developers' worlds and backgrounds before delivering an app to Apple. end user.

According to Huang, initiatives like this are part of a job to improve mobile advertising for everyone – businesses and users:

This is just the beginning. As devices continue to converge, there will be new challenges in the fight against what many have called the "fat finger" problem. But implementing click verification is an important step that we believe will benefit users, advertisers, publishers, and the entire global mobile ecosystem, so we will continue to look for ways to improve mobile ads for everyone.

I hope so Mr. Allen Huang!

Images: Google Mobile Ads Blog

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