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Google Street View shows the largest toy railway in the world

Google set up a special project with the German Miniatur Wunderland to capture images of the railroad miniature that occupies an area of ??1,150 m² in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

According to the company, currently more than 10,000 trains travel along a route, which looks at scenarios in the United States, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Germany.

The miniature, built by twins Frederick and Gerrit Braun, also has 900 traffic signs, 2,800 buildings, 4,000 cars ? many of them with their headlights on ? and 160,000 miniature dolls.

Valued at R $ 27 million, the structure is kept intact by 160 employees who check every detail of the route so that visitors have an extraordinary experience.

?Our idea was to build a world that would amaze adults and children,? says Gerrit.

With the Google Street View service, users around the world have the opportunity to explore even the most remote parts of the thumbnail with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To make the registration of images possible, Google worked on the project for about a year and developed special cameras to bring the splendor of the railway to the web.