Google Street View implements smart zoom


Google MapsThe Google Company announced an implementation very interesting that adds an alternative and intelligent way of browsing Google Street View images.

Now, when hovering the mouse over the images, a 3D geometric shape will overlay the displayed objects, just double-click on the shape – which Google calls “pancake” – to visualize a region more clearly.

“We have been able to achieve this by making a compact representation of the building’s facade and road geometry for all Street View panoramas based on laser scanner point cloud data and the differences between consecutive images.

When you move the mouse within Street View, you will see that the cursor now has slightly shaded geometry attached to it – the oval shape shows when the mouse is about to follow a path and a rectangle when moving through the facades of buildings ”explained Google.

View Larger Map

Mouse over to test the new functionality in Google Street View.

Promotional video released by Google.