Google Street View hits parks and businesses

After photographing the seven continents of the planet, navigating the rivers of the Amazon, digitizing works of art, playing in the snow and dazzling our monitors with images of the Swiss Alps, Google Street view now allows you to explore the world’s public parks and view companies in 360º.

Using the Street View Trike, the tricycle specially developed to take Google’s eyes to any environment, the operators of the Mountain View giant were able to record images of the main parks on the planet.

“We traveled to 22 different countries to photograph some of the most beautiful and original parks in the world. Starting today, you can explore the hundreds of new special collections that we have added to our gallery, ”published Ryan Falor, Product Manager for Street View.

Along with this announcement, Google has also started releasing the first records of Google Business Photos, Street View for companies that allow users to visit the interior of restaurants, stores and buildings.

Visit the Street View Gallery to access a variety of companies that are already included in this new phase of the service.