Google Street View catches thieves in the Netherlands

Second Reuters information, a vehicle that captures images for a street mapping service for Google, caught the theft of a teenager by twin brothers in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, local police said.


The twins stole a cellphone and 165 euros from a 14-year-old boy last September. In March, while browsing the Google Maps service, the victim recognized himself and the two thieves. โ€œThe last image was taken just a moment before the crime,โ€ said a police spokesman.

Blurred Street View Images

In a second version of the story, published by blog Blogoscoped, the boy would not have immediately recognized the thieves due to the censored images. After contacting the police, a request was made to Google for the original images. With the material in hand, investigating agents were able to recognize the face of one of the thieves.

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