Google Street View reaches southern Brazil

Google Street View car causes panic in Aracruz

According to the newspaper Gazeta Online, Google Street View vehicles, which are mapping the streets of Espírito Santo, caused a strange episode last Thursday, 17/11.

According to information collected by police officer Carlos Augusto Belloti, the Military Battalion was called in to check a “strange vehicle” that traveled through the city streets, in the northern region of the state.

“We were triggered, but what we found, in fact, was the Google Street View car. I took advantage of the situation and recorded the fact. I took a picture next to the one who caused so much controversy, ”he said.

A Gazeta Online reader also said that people thought the car had connections with a UFO case in the city. “There were people calling the battalion asking if the car had anything related to the Aracruz ET incident,” he recalled.

Tip from reader Alex Palombo.