Google Street View and its problems

Google Street View and its problems with the British

Google Street View and its problemsRecently, Google Street View has been the subject of a lot of news in British newspapers, due to problems that would be caused by it. G1 brought a curious story of a British woman who reportedly caught her husband at a lover’s house using the tool. It all started when, while browsing for a few moments, the woman would have found her husband’s car standing in front of a friend’s house, even though he claimed that he was traveling for work, which was enough for her to seek a lawyer to ask the separation officially. The service, launched on March 20 there, brings yet other curious stories, such as the photo of a young man vomiting, which generated a protest by some internet users and had the image taken from the files, and of a man leaving a sex shop .

Google Street View - Sex shop Google Street View shows man leaving a sex shop

And there’s more: According to G1, the residents of a British village called Broughton made a human barrier against the Google car sent to record some images. Using the images, a 360º panorama of streets, buildings, houses, traffic and passers-by is obtained. And according to residents, this could be used by criminals who could strategize with important data. Paul Jacobs, 43, was the one who spotted the car approaching and promptly took to the street to stop the photographers’ work. A small crowd soon joined him, forcing the driver to turn around and leave.

Apparently the staff will have a little more work than planned to be able to register the cities of England. And I take the opportunity to leave the question in the air, for you: Exposing these photos, even with blurred faces and license plates, is it really an invasion of privacy?