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Google Sound Search is now available on the Play Store

On Monday, after a discussion with a friend about Shazam, I did a Google Play Store search to find the promised Google app, the Sound search. In July of this year, a video leaked showing the functions of this software that identifies which music is playing, as well as album and artist. At the time, I could not find the application, but today came the news that Big G finally made Sound Search available for higher Android versions 4.0 … or nearly so!

For those who already use Shazam, which identifies songs that are playing, this application will not be new, except that by recognizing the music, you can go to Google Play Store and buy the album or just a track. Of course this is only possible in countries where there is the Google Music service.

In Germany, Google offers the service, so I tested Sound Search and the first impressions were the best. I put a song to play in a 75-meter room where three people were playing a screaming ping-pong game. Position me three meters away from the player and ask What music is it? The response was generated in less than five seconds:

Once identified the song, you click on the widget and it redirects to the Play Store AndroidPIT

The bad news is that the app is only available to US users with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean versions.

The good news that XDA-Developers (with love) has made Sound Search APK available worldwide, but again, only runs for the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean versions. So can you try to download the app and use it instead of Shazam or SoundHound?

Pictures: AndroidPIT

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