Google Sky Map – For Those Who Love Astronomy

Our firmament has always been a source of fascination and enchantment since the dawn of humanity. The people of Glia (today, much of what we know as France) feared that the sky could fall on their heads. To this day many people raise their faces to heaven to pray. It's 2011, and our knowledge of what's up there is still poor. Of course, much is known, but the universe is much larger than anything we have accumulated through so many years of study by astronomers. Google Sky Map allows us to at least get in touch with what we already know about our universe.

Functions & Usage

With Google Sky Map you can see stars from another point of view. Google Sky Map shows constellations of stars that are right where you point your Android smartphone. Yes, just what you are thinking: what you see on your screen exactly corresponds to the current constellation and its location. The in-app motion sensor that makes it possible.

In addition to automatic GPS recognition, you can set the manual mode by clicking the screen once and then clicking the bottom right button. An entire star landscape opens before you like a map and you can travel across the universe just by sliding your finger.

Touching the screen opens the menu on the left side. From it you can select to show or hide the different levels of Google Sky Map:

  • Stars
  • Constellations
  • Messier (a total of 110 astronomical objects such as galaxies, globulars, nebulae, star clusters composed by the French astronomer Charles Messier in the second half of the 18th century)
  • Planets
  • Layer square lines (which determine a position in space similar to the latitute and longitude principle)
  • Layer horizon

This way you can see constellations that other people are also seeing elsewhere. There is also a somewhat strange function: the "Night Mode", which hides behind the Menu button on your smartphone. When enabled, this mode changes the screen color to red on a black background. I believe the default mode is already enough to see what you want.

The best of Google Sky Map is undoubtedly its search function. Press Menu, then Search and you will be able to search for planets, astronomical signs and everything else that the app offers and is known to be in the Universe. If you choose automatic mode, the application marks your position with a red color circle and a small arrow. This indicates in which position you should keep your Android in order to be able to see the specific star you are looking for. If, instead, you have selected manual mode, you will be transported to the star. It's a trip through the ass!

In few words:

Google Sky Map more than one application in its beta phase, but it lacks some functions. It would be great, for example, if you could know more details about a certain star when you touch it. Either way, the search function is so well architected that it's a real pleasure to travel the sky with Google Sky Map.

Screen & Controls

Google Sky Map works great. All you have to do is move your Android and Google Sky Map does everything else. Navigation also works very well, even when it is set to manual mode.

The sharp screen and different colors are used to represent different constellations, stars, etc. The planets look the same as they do in reality.

Speed ​​& Stability

Google Sky Map runs without any major problems. The app, too, is quite fast and does not lock. A few years ago we did a test and it was necessary to deduce some information, because it was not possible to see it clearly. Evidently, Google worked to resolve such misconduct.

Price / Performance Ratio

Google Sky Map can be purchased for free. Just download the app from our Market.

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