Google shows more concern about Android smartphone battery

Google shows more concern about Android smartphone battery

What good is a full-featured smartphone if we can't count on them for more than 10 hours for a whole day? Google seems to have looked to the horizon and seen the obvious: I need to optimize the battery life of smartphones. Based on the screen power consumption of a mobile device, Google has filed a patent that allows the Android system to analyze a phone's battery life and change screen specifications to keep the smartphone active longer.

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Google puts the Android operating system to work on behalf of the battery of Android smartphones. / AndroidPIT

At first glance, the operation of this function seems encouraging. Called from Power saving techniques for battery-powered computing devices – Power-saving techniques for battery-powered computing devices – acts as follows: Depending on the amount of battery remaining, the operating system will change the display specifications in order to decrease the amount of energy absorbed by the display by disabling, for example, screen switching animations. If the battery is extremely low, the operating system may even decrease the display resolution.

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For example, once animations and effects are turned off, it relieves the processor and graphics chip. To do this, the device can automatically reduce its screen resolution, for example from 1080p to 720p. In a third moment, then, even the colors representing the OLED display may be limited to black and red.

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Patent on "Energy saving techniques for battery powered computing devices". / AndroidPIT

I don't know if this improvement was inspired by Motorola's MAXX line or Google's own device experience and certainly the beginning of a change in mindset as it takes the responsibility to extend the life of a smartphone just by increasing the load. battery power. Apparently, we will see the new feature in the next version of the Nexus line.

And, has your smartphone battery left you at least how many times in a day? Let us know in the comments below.

I confess that I ran out of batteries three times in one day, of course I was stressing my smartphone to the max, but three times too much!

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