Google requests license from US to resume business with Huawei

Google requests license from US to resume business with Huawei

Google requests license from US to resume business with Huawei

With the commercial embargo limiting all types of commercial partnerships with Huawei, many companies have been losing revenue and, when we thought that small and medium-sized companies suffered from this fact, Google came and asked for a license to resume negotiations with the Chinese giant.

It has been a while since the US government has been releasing such licenses for companies to resume their business with Huawei. Now, after Microsoft has done this, we see Google also applying for a license to re-establish its partnership.

After Microsoft applied for the license and received the endorsement from the US Department of Commerce, on February 24, we saw Huawei launch laptops with Windows 10.

The big question, does the US government grant the license? Now, just because Google has applied for this license, it does not mean that the government will just grant the license to them. The request may be denied for some reason or another. So it's still not quite right.

However, if this license is approved, Huawei will be able to work with Google again. And that means your smartphones will be able to use Google services once again.

As this is the biggest problem with their latest smartphones, such as the HONOR View30 Pro, as it does not have Google services, many people outside the eastern market are not interested in the devices (although we have seen that with just one application and two taps on the screen the Google services will work again).

I believe that the most important point at the moment is that we have a broader view of what really happens. What does this order mean for Huawei and Google?

Simple, we see that such a license order made by Google demonstrates that the American company needs Huawei much more than the other way around. In this last year, we saw Huawei under a commercial embargo, passing Apple on numbers of smartphones sold worldwide and still planting its flag as the largest company in the segment when it comes to technology and 5G infrastructure.

After all, the Chinese market continues to buy its devices without any problem. Therefore, Huawei does not really need the USA or the West. Huawei is among the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and, depending on the region analyzed, the company appears even in front of Samsung.

This means that Huawei cannot, nor should it be ignored, and Google knows it. Not having its services included in the Chinese giant's smartphones, it may now not be causing any damage but it certainly isn't making a profit.

So two things are clear, Google needs Huawei, and Huawei would probably be fine without Google. Especially now strengthening Huawei Mobile Services and its own app store.

But we will soon see what the American government decides on the request and whether Google resumes its partnership with Huawei.

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