Google replace Hangouts with Duo in your app package. Does it affect you?

The moment when many were waiting has just arrived. Hangouts is no longer shipped standard on smartphones running the Android operating system. As of December 1, Google will no longer oblige any manufacturer to offer Hangouts to customers, but their smartphone is nevertheless not free of software.

Not yet this time we saw the Hangouts app leave the Google Play store. According to the search giant, manufacturers' use of Hangouts for Android will be optional, and if you use the app often, you can download it from the Android app store at any time:

"Today, we are announcing that Google Duo replaces Hangouts in our GMS app suite (also known as Google Apps), and Hangouts becomes an optional GMS app for phone products. This change will be effective from 1 January December 2016 ", Google.

Also, we can't guarantee that manufacturers won't offer the embedded app here, but they'll most likely prefer to bring just one video call app, like Facebook Messenger, for example. Alis, Samsung already offers WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger pre-installed.

Not yet this time we saw the Hangouts app leave the Google Play store

AndroidPIT google duo test 7950
Hangouts give way to Duo on new smartphones / AndroidPIT

However, as you can see in this excerpt from Google's statement to its partners, the Duo app should feature Hangouts instead, which exchanges "them for them." So, this is not the time when the search giant has decreased the number of apps in its app suite.

Curious now, Google added Duo and Google Allo to replace Hangouts. As is well known, the Duo's only function is to make video calls, while Allo responds as Big G.'s messenger.

AndroidPIT allo
Allo is an application that should not be required / AndroidPIT

On the one hand, it is great to see that Allo (still) in the app is mandatory, as Google would be abusing its position of "maintainer" of Android and could even be sued by forcing mobile phone manufacturers to use their connected services and apps. . This obligation could undermine the company's own relationship with developers of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and LINE, for example, not to mention the fight with phone operators over the SMS service.

What about, do you use Hangouts? How does this decision affect you?

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