Google removes apps that block advertising from the Google Play Store

So far, there were several apps in the Google Play store that blocked advertising while browsing the internet or while using apps. These apps are good for users, but terrible for developers (and Google), since advertising is often the only source of revenue for them. For this reason, advertising blocking apps have disappeared from the Google Play store.

adblock plus for android

There are several such applications – the best known being AdBlock Plus, AdAway and AdFree – and it is true that for many users, using the advertising-free smartphone or tablet is a real relief. On the other hand, developers lose supposed profits based on advertising revenue.

To remove these apps from the Google Play Store, Google invoked clause 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement, which states that "one app may not interfere with or access the service or product of others." Supposedly, the Internet giant has contacted developers of blocking advertising apps, notifying them of the violation of this condition and the withdrawal of their apps from the Google Play Store.

While the Android operating system is an open system, Google has to set boundaries to protect its users, for example under safe conditions, but also to protect its developers by taking a step forward with this measure.

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