Google removes Android Apps that access call history and SMS

To combat fraud, Google is removing from the Play Store some apps that have access to call logs and SMS.

It seems that Google is adopting its new data usage policy. Announced in October 2018, this new onslaught, aims to minimize the data security issues of its users on the Android platform. android-google-sms-call

Applications without Google's prior validation will not be able to use more data regarding phone calls and SMS. Developers using the old APIs will have to migrate if they want such functionality in their apps, as legacy permissions will not work.

To use the call history and SMS access features, the developer must fill out a form Google's analysis, and the real utility of access to the function of the app is realized, the same can get such data without any problem.

Safety First

With such measures, the Mountain View giant hopes to reduce problems with rogue applications that steal user data.

This way if the App has the main function of accessing the calls, it can only access the call history, and if it is for SMS, it can only view the messages.

In specific cases the app reads only one sms for verification codes, for example Steam and Telegram. There is an API called SMS Retriviever, which deals with such situations.

Following Apple

Such a move by Google is similar to Apple's in iOS, which restricts the use of this data and only releases call and SMS history for some apps that have previously gone through some company supervision.

With this measure it is clear that Google has been improving the quality of Android by avoiding applications that collect data indiscriminately.

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