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Google removes 60,000 apps from Play Store

On September 30, 2012, I wrote an article here on AndroidPIT Brazil talking about the fact that the Google Play Store reached 700,000 downloadable apps, thus equating the Android market with iTunes, the Apple Apps store. . To my surprise yesterday the Phone Arena website reported that 60,000 apps removed from Play Store in February due to poor quality. Unfortunately, the reason for the removal is not surprising for any Android users,?

Google Play
It's time for Android users to be most valued by the Google Play Store. / Under Linux

We all know the limitations of apps developed for Android, I can name several of the articles I put up by tapping on the heel of those little green robot, but nothing better explains my point of view on the subject of the Go app developer workshop! Chat, Luis Santos, during the Droidcon in Spain. Santos raised a very important question: "THERE'S NO LOVE IN ANDROID APPS!"

Proof of this is that while the vast majority of the 60,000 apps were removed by Google itself, a large number of them were removed by the developers themselves. It turns out that, unlike the Apple App Store, there aren't too many restrictions for anyone to "upload" an app to the Android market. It is clear that Google optimizes each of the new versions of the Play Store in terms of safety, but safety is not directly related to quality.

One of my friends spent months developing an iOS app, spent a lot of money on tech people, and had a lot of headache over Apple's many demands on the quality of the app. After investing a lot of time and money, the app can now be downloaded from iTunes. But why does Apple do this? Because you value your product. Incidentally, I sometimes think that the company that named Steve Jobs puts products above users.

My criticism is Google Play that does not charge so much of developers and thus devalues ​​its product, Android.

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Play Store changes UI and brings the user closer to a better experience with the company's other services. / AndroidPIT

Yesterday, the search giant officially announced the new version of the Google Play Store and presented a more objective design, setting aside the store's impersonal design and bringing something closer to what the reality of the Android user, as much of the new design has Google Now service as a reference. Perhaps, as we are seeing a change in the mindset of Google managers, I would love to see Big G's commitment to providing quality services – such as YouTube, Gmail, and Chrome – also aimed at charging the best. Android apps. Or is Google afraid of competition?

Do you also think that love is lacking in applications developed for Android? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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