Google releases WebM Plugin for Internet Explorer 9

With a focus on improving browser compatibility, especially in relation to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Google provided a plugin that offers the free and open technology of WebM.

Earlier this year, the Mountain View giant announced an aggressive decision to abandon the H.264 codec in the next versions of your Chrome browser. However, open technology WebM does not have official support from Microsoft and Apple.

“They said that elephants could not ride dolphins that fly. They said that one of the most popular browsers in the world could not play HTML5 WebM video. They were wrong ”, Google quips.

The plugin is only available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the two operating systems supported by IE9.

Microsoft pays back

In response to Google’s decisions, Microsoft recently released a plugin for Google Chrome which offers the H.264 codec back, which will be extremely useful once the Google browser stops supporting the platform.