Google releases stable version of Google Chrome 2

 chrome-128Approximately eight months after the official launch, Google announced yesterday a new version of Google Chrome with a host of new features, improvements and major improvements in speed. Check out some of the news:

New Page Tab Improvements – Similar to the existing functionality for Firefox (with the Google Toolbar), it is now possible to remove the sites shown in the “Most Visited” section of the Google Chrome New Page Guide. To access the removal screen, just click on the “Remove Thumbnails” link displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Full Screen Mode – Although Chrome has a clean and simple interface, many users complained about the lack of functionality that could open the browser full screen. In order to supply this need in Chrome 2, Google injected the possibility of hiding the address bar and its tabs simply by clicking F11 or selecting the full screen option in the “tools” menu.

Auto fill – Possibly the most needed and requested feature by Google Chrome users. As in other browsers, the information filled in forms is automatically stored in the browser and suggested in future forms, which helps in a quick and comfortable filling.

While the visual novelties are practically these, some of the big improvements are literally below the browser hood. According to the company, Google Chrome 2 is more stable than its previous generations, more than 300 bugs that caused failures or improper closure were fixed.


Another point highlighted by the company is the implementation of a new version of WebKit and an update to the JavaScript V8 engine, making interactive pages 30% faster. Improvements in the JavaScript rendering engine also aimed at the possibility of making the browser fast even when the user needs to keep a series of Guides open at the same time.