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Google releases note on Google Docs and Drive flaw

Google released a note about a flaw that occurred this week, in which it affected Google Docs and Drive services, unduly restricting access to legitimate documents and files that were hosted on Google Drive and Docs.

Check the note below:

“On Tuesday, October 31, we wrongly blocked access to some of our users’ files, including Google Docs. This is due to a short-lived bug that incorrectly flagged some files as violating our terms of service (TOS). The blockade raised questions in the community and we would like to address those issues here.

Google Docs and Drive products have unmatched automatic and preventive security precautions to protect our users from malware, phishing and spam, using static and dynamic antivirus techniques. Scanning for viruses and malware is an industry best practice that performs automated comparisons against known samples and indicators; The process does not involve human intervention.

Tuesday’s error allowed Google Docs and Drive services to misinterpret the response of these protection systems and mistakenly mark some files as TOS violations, thus causing denials of access for users of those files. As soon as our teams identified the problem, we removed the bug and worked to restore access to all affected files.

We apologize to our users for any inconvenience this incident has caused and we remain committed to providing high quality systems that keep your content safe while guaranteeing your files ”.