Google releases its version of "Paint"

Meet Google's new drawing app, Canvas or Paint from the search giant.

With multiple applications, Google is increasingly adding new programs to its collection, and giving ChromeOS users greater possibilities. How already reported here on DiolinuxRecently, the search giant's system has come to support applications in other formats, DEB and Flatpak. Now brings a novelty that can bring memories of those of old, and already used Paint. canvas-google-chrome-apps-paint

Draw something simple but fun

Many artists before mastering established image-editing or digital drawing tools began with a hobby or simple innocence when scribbling, when younger, on programs such as Paint. Apps of this nature show simplicity to some users, but they can be the gateway, and perhaps the beginning of a new artist, knowing that kids or the younger audience likes to spend some time sketching in front of the computer.

Canvas, Paint from Google

Called by many sites from Google's Paint, Canvas has come to facilitate ChromeOS users, and general users of other platforms, with a tool that enables simple drawings, quick scribbles and annotations. So don't expect elaborate resources like those in Krita or similar programs.

(Note that I am a born artist with unmatched traits …)

canvas-drawing-web-app-chrome Canvas brings the practicality of a web application, not requiring to be installed on the system and being multiplatform, and can be run on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android etc. distributions. Just having a technology-enabled browser WebAssembly, or Google Chrome. Interested in Canvas? Access the application site and awaken the artist within you.

Leave us comments on whether you used Apps like Paint in your childhood, or if you currently use professional programs like Krita.

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