Google reinvents camera in 360 with new app

Google reinvents camera in 360 with new app

How many 360 photos have you captured in your life? How many Snaps have you made? How many times have you used a virtual reality device? If the answer to these questions has shown that you are still crawling when it comes to VR, don't worry, the folks at Google Labs want to make your 360-image interaction much easier and more accessible.

Using Google's new 360 camera apps, called Sprayscape, you can quickly mount 360 photos from any smartphone that contains a gyroscope. Some variants of the Moto G line, for example, do not contain this sensor, so they cannot use Sprayscape.

Any smartphone that contains a gyroscope

To use the app, simply press the screen at the time the camera points to the image you want to capture, as shown in the GIF below. The user experience closely resembles capturing images in apps like Snapchat and Instagram Boomerang.

sprayscape gif 2
Pressing the screen, you capture the dots of the image that is show in the photo / Android Developers

How is this possible?

The magic happens on the GPU of your smartphone. When you press or touch the screen, the camera processes images at 60 frames per second. These images are then transformed by the GPU which adds a shading. Even shadowed can be seen when you are using the app, and is able to manipulate the camera's 2D projection to a 360 sphere.

When you save a scape, a flat panorama image is stored in the application data. When you share this scape, this flat image will automatically be turned into a sphere and can be moved, tilted, on your device.

Google wants to turn our smartphones into 360 cameras

The experience with the "scapes" saved on your smartphone will be the same as Motorola's Spotlight stories, where you needed to move to keep up with the story.

Of course, Sprayscape doesn't offer the best quality in terms of photos, as an experimental app, and in the end, that's not the idea. The folks at Google Labs want to spread the way we deal with virtual reality much more, but instead of using their own devices like Gear 360, they want to turn our smartphones into 360 cameras. So by downloading the app, You're waiting for photos with extraordinary resolution.

How to download Sprayscape on your Android

Sprayscape is exclusive to Android (that's right) and is already available on Google Play. Down Sprayscape on your samrtphone click here.

Are you using Sprayscape? What do you think?

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