Google provides open source library of TensorFlow Quantum

Google provides open source library of TensorFlow Quantum

Available to companies or researchers who want to create prototypes quickly for quantum machine learning models, Google has made available the open source library of TensorFlow Quntico. Google says that the tools available are intended to bring quantum computing to the machine learning research communities, as well as to control and model natural and artificial systems, that is, NISQ processors between 50 and 100 qubits.

Google says that with the recent progress in the development of quantum computing, the development of new models of quantum machine learning can have a profound impact on the world's biggest problems leading to significant advances in the fields of medicine, materials, detection and communication . However, it suggests that research tools are lacking to discover quantum machine learning models that are useful and that can process and run them on the quantum computers that are currently available.

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The tools now available in open sources as a result of a collaboration between Google and the University of Waterloo, Volkswagon and X, an institution composed of inventors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building technologies to improve people's lives.

You can learn more about TensorFlow Quantum on the Google blog.