A lot of apps and games will be out of the Play Store soon, and that's great!

Google promises to clean up the Play Store and that's great for you

Who has never complained about apps on the Google Play Store or the store itself? Yesterday, we had a signal that Play Store managers were aware of this and started pushing developers. From now on, Google will eliminate apps that promote themselves illegally in the Android store.

If you are the type of user who values ​​the number of downloads of an app on the Play Store, or even installs an app based on users' opinion and rating, be happy, as the store developers have stated that "they will fight fraud and spam ". In other words, you can rely a lot more on the Play Store.

You can rely a lot more on the Play Store

According to Play Store research and quality analyst Kazushi Nagayama, illegally promoted apps will be removed:

"If we intend to install the app to manipulate an app's ranking in the Play Store, our systems will detect and filter it. In addition, developers who continue to do so may have their apps removed from Google Play."

In a post on the official Android developer blog Nagayama states that there are cases of developers trying to manipulate their app ranking through illegitimate means such as fraudulent installs, fake comments and promoted ratings. In addition to going against the store's policy and terms of use, users end up being harmed and undoubtedly the store's credibility is at stake.

Android users have installed over 65 billion apps in the past year

So tougher fraudulent application detection policies are great news for you. Especially if we consider that Android users installed over 65 billion apps last year (July 2016 data) through the Play Store.

What about, do you feel safe in the Play Store? What do you consider when downloading an app from the store?

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