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Google presents the new Google Chrome logo

After update the Chromium project logo, Google now introduces the new visual identity for the Chrome browser. The new brand, already available in the latest build (DEV) for developers, brings art with simpler and smoother features.

Although Google does not explain the reason for the change (so far), the intention of the new logo seems to want to show a more minimalist identity for the browser, a visual adequacy to the main ?feature? of the browser and potentially largely responsible for its success.

Compare the differences below: (Old | New)

Readers disagree about changes [no Twitter]:

Tadeu Mesquita: ?This new logo really brings a simpler and faster view that goes against the image of the browser?

Caio Lito: ?For me the new logo looks like a regression. When dealing with technology, the former brought more confidence in modernity! ?

Thiago Nakano: ?Liked it. Visual identification will be simpler. The new brings aspects of security, simplicity and movement. #Like.?

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