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Google Play will accept national app purchase credit cards and more

Finally Google Play Store users in Brazil will be able to purchase apps and music through the Android store using national credit card. The news comes straight from the search giant, which promises to make it possible in the coming weeks. Even better than that was the announcement that the gift cards are also on their way.

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Google Play will accept national credit cards for app purchases! / ANDROIDPIT

Google should also release product purchases through debit cards, a rare option in digital stores. The great advantage of using Brazilian cards is in the taxation of products, since purchases made with national cards should not be subject to the IOF tax. In its official blog in the country, the search giant stated that it has already started the process of implementation of the new payment system in Brazil:

Starting today, we will begin implementing local payment processing systems, which will allow us to accept valid credit cards in Brazil (Mastercard and Visa) and payments in reais on Google Play. In a few weeks, the system will be available to all users. In this way, a content world will be within the reach of a much larger number of Brazilians.

Gift Card Enabling

But the best news seems to be the Google Play gift card enablement in Brazil. As we posted on the blog, we can expect this new Android store shopping option in the country for the coming months. In Germany, I use the "gift cards" a lot, they can be bought in different shops and vary between 15, 20 and 50 euros.

It is also worth remembering that nothing has been said about payment via PayPal, but it seems to me to be a consequence of the implementation of local payment processing systems.

For those who do not know, so far it is possible to buy applications, music, books and others using only international cards in the country. As reported by Google, "in a few weeks, the system will be available to all users." It appears that you will be able to use national cards to purchase apps, books, movies, and music from the Google Play Store.

And will that make you buy more apps from the Google store?

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