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Google Play Store v4.4 might have a "newsstand"!

An invitation to a Google press event is circulating on the network. According to website sources GeekOn October 24th we will have "revelations" about new products from Big G. However, unlike the much anticipated announcement about Android 4.4 or even Nexus 5, the event seems to be dedicated to Google Play Store. The Android store will be updated to version 4.4 and bring noticeable changes in navigation.

google play invite
Event scheduled for October 24 may feature new version of the Play Store! / Google

New navigability

Currently, standard Google apps offer the same navigation option at the top left of the screen. To access the navigation menu simply click on a symbol with three bars at the top left of the screen. In images leaked by the site Android Police, we noticed that this function will be added version 4.4 of the Play Store.

side navi screens 3
Consistent navigation drawer access in current Google apps! / AndroidPIT

With this, the Android context menu in the upper right corner will be reserved for only two points: "Settings" and "Help" and the other menu options will move to this navigation drawer, as shown in the images below:

new navi google play 3 3
Google Play 4.4 with navigation drawer (left) and the current Play Store setup (right)! / Android Police / AndroidPIT
new navi google play 2 2
The current Play Store with menu in the upper right (left), and the new Play store with navigation drawer icon and a settings menu (right)! / Android Police / AndroidPIT

Play Newsstand (or Newsstand Play)

In March this year, the staff of the Android Police noticed a tip about several interesting things in Javascript and CSS code within the web version of the Play Store. The code suggested a page devoted to in-store news, such as Magazines, for example. Google Play News or News would be a kind of digital newspaper. In principle, it would not be linked to the "Magazines" service, as it is identified by the color purple and Play News should be yellow. The code also suggested that users could buy individual issues or even subscribe to newspapers:

nexusae0 Swatches thumb1
Purple for "Magazines" and Yellow for "News"! / Android Police

That said, below are some of the considerations about the Play Store version 4.4 APK provided by Android Police:

  1. What used to be called Google Play "News" in the site code has been renamed Google Play "Newsstand".
  2. Since the code is already incorporated into the Play Store APK, it seems certain that Google has decided to move forward with the digital news service. This can also be a sign that we are close to launching it.
  3. If the user does not have the Newsstand Play app, Google will instruct you to download it, just as it does with Play Movies, for example.
  4. There is a good chance that the Newsstand app will replace Play Magazines, so we will not have two separate applications with both services. The code suggests this in several places, but it also continues to mention Magazines, so there's still a chance we have both apps.
  5. A free trial version will be offered.
  6. An area called "My Newsstand" gathers your newspapers and magazines, similar to "My Apps."
  7. New service introductory text: "Your favorite magazines and news are here on Google Play. Choose from the latest issues or try a free subscription. Read news in no time with the Play Newsstand app, even offline."

And as a Play Store user, what did you think about the possible changes on the official Android store? Would you subscribe to any news channels through Google Play? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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