Google Play Store now alerts you when an app launches!

Do you know when you're thirsty for an app, but miss the release date of it on the Play Store and that bag friend arrives and says he's been using the app for weeks? Well, that's not going to happen anymore, because Google finally started to offer the feature of Play Store App Warning Record.

Learn more details below.

play store registration apps
Play Store provides registration for app launch warning.


How Preregistration Works

Free preregistration for Android users and there is no obligation to download or purchase the app after it officially arrives store.

Thus, when you find the page of an application that is not yet available, such as Terminator Genisys: RevolutionFor example, just click the "pre-register" button (which is in the same place as the "install" button) and you will be registered to receive a warning about launching the app.

If you change your mind, just "unregister".

play store apps receive notice
Search for the app you want to know the release date and register to receive information when it officially arrives on the Android market! / ANDRODIPIT

Pre-registration is not yet available for small and medium-sized developers, but it is now possible to know when the new sequence of a large series arrives on Android.

What, did you miss this feature on the Google Play store? Which apps did you miss downloading in time because you didn't know when the Android app store arrived?

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