Google Play Store gift cards are real

Earlier we announced the Google Play Store update to version 3.8.15 with two new features: the ability to send gift cards and create a wish list. It turns out that many people have raised suspicions about the veracity of these cards. For the unbelievers of heart, here are the images of these beauties published by Androidcentral:

These are $ 10 and $ 25 card images, all printed with the Google Play Store logo. As we can also see from the cards, you can use them to buy music, movies, books, apps and more. In the case of the Brazilian market, music and movie services are not yet available, which is a shame.

Now when the cards will be available seems an unknown. What I imagine is that, in addition to buying these cards through Google's own app market, they are available for purchase in general commerce, such as bookstores, large supermarket chains, specialty stores, and convenience stores. However, nothing has yet been confirmed for Brazil.

So, there's no doubt that Google gift cards are coming, let's cross our fingers to get to Brazil before Christmas, have you ever wondered how many apps you can order or give away?

What do you think we can confirm in these images?

Image: Androidcentral

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