Google Play Service – What is it? What is it for?

Android users have the advantage of having Google Play Service, one of the most important applications of this operating system. With it, it is possible to integrate all Google services on mobile.

The application has 2 parts, one intended library with application packages targeted at developers and the other a service component that serves to bring new functions for users.

Google Play Service is already installed on some android devices, it is constantly updated and requires a large number of permissions such as SMS access and control, access to application information, access to confidential record data, among others.

google service

What is the Google Play Service for?

THE main function of Google Play promote better functioning of other android apps, therefore known as an Application Programming Interface (APIs) package.

It is able to direct developers as they are programming other applications that have communication with each other. Thus, the applications that users install on their mobile phones rely less and less on system upgrades to run efficiently.

With all these features it is possible to have all up-dates installed automatically regardless of android version.

In short, the Google Play Service serves to improve user experience And reducing the waiting time for operating system upgrade, plus the most popular applications also benefit.

How to use Google Play Service?

In fact, the application integrates with the android system in an automated way to bring the best features to the phone.

Google Play Service is not an application you open to use, it simply exists in the operating system and the user doesn't have to do anything, just keep it updated to take advantage of all the new features being added.

The only caveat is that the app takes up a lot of space in the phone's memory, however, it needs to be maintained to ensure that all apps work perfectly.

If the app is uninstalled or not updated, the user runs the risk that many apps will stop working.

Although many devices already have Google Play Service installed, it can also be found on the ”Play Store” to download.

The importance of keeping Google Play Service up to date

As the application is practically indispensable for the android system to operate correctly, it is essential to always keep it updated to avoid access problems in the apps.

At the time of upgrade, Google Play Service releases new features for applications, and it provides important functions such as authenticating Google services, accessing privacy information, contact synchronization, location, and more.

That is, it enhances the features of the mobile phone in many ways, whether it's using apps, offline search, map lookup and gaming experiences.

All users need to see if they have the latest version of Google Play Service, so they can enjoy all the benefits the app offers.

To know this, follow the procedure:

1- Access the settings

2- About the phone or system

3- Android version

You must have “unknown sources enabled” so that you can install other apps on your device outside of Google Play.

To mark unknown sources, click on: ”settings” – ”security” and check the box for “unknown sources”.

4- To know the version of Play Google Services of your mobile phone you need to check the number (suffix of 3 or 6 numbers followed by hfen).

The first number is its version of android, the next is the CPU architecture and the third is the DPI (inches of the device).

Knowing which version your phone has, it is easier to evaluate the need to update the application so that the phone has better performance.

The app can be updated through the Play Store. In some cases it may give error, so I need to deactivate, clear cach and restart the phone as instructed: Configure / Apps / All / Google Play Service.