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Google Play passes Nintendo and Sony in online games market

Good news for game developers. Google Play Store: Google's game store spent the traditional Nntendo and Sony on value consumed, ie how much was spent on games. The Apple App Store is still isolated in the first place.

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Play Store / Google Play Game Seo

According to IDC, the App Store and the Play Store Together they add more than 4x the amount collected by the mobile devices of Nintendo and Sony (3DS and Vita). This is largely due to the number of handsets each in the world: there are about 200 million mobile consoles worldwide, compared to 1.25 billion smartphones and 180 million tablets. Even with more expensive games, consoles can't beat the overwhelming amount of devices running iOS and Android.

idc games
IDC & App Annie

With constant releases and increasingly well developed games, it is natural that smartphones and tablets gain more and more space in the gaming world. Also, there are consoles running Android, like the Ouya it's the NVIDIA ShieldSo this distance is likely to increase more and more.

What are your favorite Android games? And does anyone still have a dedicated console? I have one Nintendo 64.

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