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Google Play is removing apps that ask for permission to use phone and SMS

Google seems to be cleaning its store. We all know that the Play Store has a lot more junk than useful apps, which is why here on AndroidPIT we panned out good apps for you. Big G's turn target is apps that ask for SMS and your phone permission.

One of Google's 2019 goals seems to be a nice cleanup in your store. It recently deleted apps selling drugs and drugs, and a few weeks ago it also deleted apps that only served to show ads and others that contained malware.

Some time ago, Google warned developers that apps asking for SMS and phone permission would have to fit its new guidelines. This would give them three options: either send a document to Google, justifying the use of these permissions in their app; or asked for time to adjust; or remove the app altogether.

AndroidPIT permissions 0062
Google wants to decrease access to dangerous permissions / ANDROIDPIT

That time the Android creator has given is over, and now apps that have not taken action are being removed from the Google Play Store. Developers who have submitted documentation or requested more time have until March 9, 2019 to receive a return from Google, or they will also be removed from the store.

Allowed cases are those that obviously deal specifically with calls and SMS, such as managers or alternative apps. There are still those who work with Google Assistant, so they can also use these permissions.

But apps that use these permissions, but not exactly with the Phone app, Messaging app, and Google Assistant may have problems. Security and antivirus applications that scan SMS messages, contact management applications, call logs and others are already being banned.

androidpit stolen smartphone
Some permissions may leave your device exposed to others / AndroidPIT

The decision is part of the Strobe Project, an initiative designed to limit developer access to user information. Last year, in October, Google notified developers to upgrade their apps to API level 26.

The company has already received tens of thousands of statements from developers hoping to be able to use the permissions, and in the process many apps that were abandoned by the creators (but still useful to many) will soon be deleted.

Why are these permissions dangerous?

Google provides solutions for many cases, offering newer, more secure to user APIs that only connect to calls and SMS without actually accessing the most sensitive data.

With them, a malicious person can make calls on your smartphone, send SMS without your consent and, having access to what you receive, can bypass the security of two-factor authentication that send messages with codes to give access to something.

What about my favorite apps?

Many people are already apprehensive, as some apps are important for their use and fall into this problem of permissions. But some things are already being resolved. The Tasker developer, for example, has already reported that Google has accepted your requests.

Androidpit Tasker app 1
Tasker is already safe / ANDROIDPIT

But not everyone is safe yet. The famous Cerberus app, which helps you manage your smartphone, still doesn't have permission, and many others that allow you to record calls, like ACR Call Recorder, Easyjoin and more are still fighting with Google to stay in store. Others are already migrating to stores like Samsung Apps and Amazon.

Does Facebook dance on that?

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