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Google Play has already paid over $ 80 billion to game and app developers

Google Play has already paid over $ 80 billion to game and app developers

The future of any operating system depends on its ecosystem of developers, responsible for delivering varied applications and games to the platform. Without this support, Android would definitely not be what it is today.

The best showcase of apps and games for Android your official store, Google Play. Today through a note Sundar Pichai reported that developers have received more than $ 80 billion so far.

This is not the amount of Google Play's revenue, which is higher, as this $ 80 billion has already been deducted from the 30% commission charged by the company for sales to developers.

However, the number of 80 billion dollars that has been paid since 2012 remains much lower if we compare the numbers that its direct rival pays: the App Store.

At the beginning of the second half of 2018, Apple had already announced that it paid more than $ 100 billion to its developers. Now, a year and a half later, we see that Google has not yet reached that value.

Developers continue to earn more on the App Store than with Google Play. In the first half of 2019, there was a difference of almost 80% in favor of Apple, despite the fact that there are more than 2.5 billion active devices with Android on the market compared to 1.5 billion active devices with iOS .

Google Play needs to leverage some processes, one of which is definitely fighting pirated apps and games that unfortunately are the biggest problem for developers' earnings. With greater control and protection, these numbers can certainly change.

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