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Google Play gets updated and now rents and sells movies and books

Upgrading the Android program center brings the option to rent and buy books and movies.

Google Play becoming more commercial and complete

Today Google has updated the program center for Android devices, and to our surprise now it has gained new functionality in addition to adding new programs to its repositories. Thanks to this update you can now rent movies or even buy them, and the titles are really good, from classics like "The Powerful Che" to newer movies like 'Prometheus'.

In addition to the movies it is now possible to buy books too and I guarantee that the arsenal of books available is very good and recent.

New Google Play Home Screen

The image above the home screen of the new Google Play, as we can see it resembles the previous version but with a darker footprint, the options of books, movies and apps are on the left, if we access the "Apps" option we will be redirected. to the old Google Play.

This update takes place automatically on Android devices.

I found the news really interesting and is approaching the Apple Store more and more, we only hope that the pressure is not too abusive because the very cool feature, to buy or rent I need a Google Wallet account with registration of your credit card.

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