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Google plans Google Chrome with multiple profiles

To help users who have multiple profiles, Google is working on a new feature in Google Chrome that will allow the user to associate a profile in a specific set of browser windows, instead of an entire Chrome instance.

?Allowing different windows to run different identities means that the Chrome user can have multiple open windows associated with different Google accounts, and consequently, different sets of preferences, applications, favorites, and so on,? explains the company in a Chromium project.

With the novelty, users will be able to associate a profile with a Google account and log in at the browser level. This will be an important feature for Chrome OS, but it will also work on Google Chrome. In other words, the operation is very similar to the Windows login screen where each user maintains their preferences.

?In Windows (and Linux), the functionality will be presented in a menu at the top of the browser frame, next to the controls menu. In Mac OS X, the frame is too small to accommodate; instead, we added an item to the menu bar, with a special colored background, just as the Windows tab is especially colored, ?said the company.

On Windows:

On Mac: