Google Pixel without forecast to reach Brazil

According to UOL Tecnologia, which was able to interview the Brazilian Mario Queiroz, vice president of Google products, the searcher said he has plans to expand the Google Pixel market in the future.

“I don’t have an answer about when it comes to Brazil.

We are entering the hardware market and we want to take good steps.

We want to take it to the whole world and Brazil is one of them ”, said Queiroz to the website.

According to the executive, in addition to the challenges of import, approval and final price; the arrival of a product comes up against local issues that need to be adapted for the Brazilian consumer.

“It is not just an answer, the device needs to be approved.

Another thing is the software, which needs to speak the language of the country, to recognize particularities such as streets.

You have to have partnerships, as Chromecast did with the Interactive Sport channel.

There’s also the hardware issue, it’s one step at a time, ”he explained.

Google Pixel is the first smartphone made by Google and has two screen sizes – the Pixel, 5 inches, and the Pixel XL, with a 5.5 inch display.