Google Pixel 5 XL – Prototype leaks on the internet

Google Pixel 5 XL - Prottipo leaks on the internet

It seems a little early for a render to appear on the internet, after all there are still eight months to launch the Google Pixel 5 line, however the render exists and cannot be ignored, well as bizarre it may be, it definitely cannot be ignored.

What you see in the image above is a Google Pixel 5 XL prototype that the company apparently created and, according to the Front Page Tech Channel on Youtube, is one of the three projects the company is working on.

It seems that this version of the Google Pixel 5 XL has a frosted glass finish on the back similar to that of the Google Pixel 4, which for many is perfect, after all this type of finish pleased almost everyone. The matte finish is not only present in the semi-circular ledge that houses the set of cameras that has a glossy finish.

Were you happy or sad with the possible design of the next Pixel 5 XL?Were you happy or sad with the possible design of the next Pixel 5 XL?

Speaking of the camera module, it's worth noting that, apart from the look of a cookie dummy from Sherek's movie, it looks like this will be the first Google Pixel to bring a set of three rear cameras.

The two sensors that appear side by side, would be the main and telephoto sensors and, below we will finally have a wide angle sensor, despised by Google for so long.

Loving or hating this first render, it's important to remember that a lot can change between now and October, when Google is likely to announce the Pixel 5 line. Not only is this just one of the three prototypes Google is working on, but even if Google decides to go ahead with this specific design, it is very possible that it will be refined and improved during the coming months.

So far no renderings of the other two prototypes have been found, but Jon Prosser of the FPT comments on the video that the camera module can still be exactly like the Pixel 4 on models that have not yet come to the public.

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