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Google Pixel 4 XL loses to iPhone 11 Pro Max in performance test

We recently posted here a performance test conducted by the channel PhoneBuff wherein iPhone 11 Pro Max lost to the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + for a difference of only 6 seconds (after winning the first lap, good to note).

Now the guys have returned with the same test as putting the iPhone in front of the newly launched Google Pixel 4 XL.

In this case, the iPhone 11 Pro Max easily beat both laps and ended the test 36 seconds ahead, even though the Pixel 4 XL had 50% more RAM.

As always, it is good to note that the test is not scientific and does not even represent a normal mode of smartphone use. The idea is simply to have a reference of what devices can give us in terms of performance when opening / switching apps.

In other tests, it is worth remembering, the iPhone 11 also beat the Pixel 4 in photography and video.