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Google pins Apple on Pixel 3a's new commercial about… maps?

The technology world is like this: in the midst of the ups and downs, you can't forget that in the end hardware manufacturers like Apple and Google are competing with each other and the Mountain View giant made a point of highlighting the “feud”. ”With Ma in the above commercial, promoting the newly launched Pixel 3a.

This time, the ad compares browsing Apple Maps on an iPhone with Google Maps on Pixel 3a. Initially, the commercial shows a user navigating with difficulty from Apple maps, while in Pixel 3a the new AR tool displays the directions of that route in a much more practical and intuitive way.

Naturally, after displaying a “very advanced” feature on its device, Google compares the prices of both, suggesting that for a much more affordable device (the 64GB Pixel 3a sells for $ 400, while the 64GB iPhone XS costs US $ 1,000), you get "more advanced" features.

The feature highlighted in the commercial was announced during Google I / O 2019 for Pixel line devices (2, 3 and 3a), which now feature a Google Maps AR navigation mode. As a result, users of these devices have the option of superimposing street signs, arrows and other indicators that give a better idea of ​​where to go when navigating via foot routes.

To this end, Google combined AR technology, data from the Street view, machine learning, and visual positioning service (VPS) to help you identify your current position and where you need to go. The thing is, well, Google is also releasing this function for the Maps app on iOS.

This is not the first time Google has nudged Ma in its advertising. Earlier this year, the company compared images taken by the iPhone XS and Pixel 3 to showcase the feature Night sight that device; most recently one billboard He combined the company's first marketing move with the one above to compare the technologies and the price tag for the iPhone XS and Pixel 3a.

Well, what did you think? 😛

via PhoneArena