Google announces Google Photos with unlimited storage

Google Photos speeds up video sharing by sending a low-resolution copy

The numbers don’t lie! Google Photos is one of the most successful Google tools among users.

1 billion is the number of app installs on Android devices and 1.2 billion is the number of photos and videos uploaded to Photos every day.

Earlier this year, Google announced that the photos would be sent to servers at a lower resolution that would increase the speed of sharing with your friends and ensure that the image would be saved, even if at a lower resolution.

Now, in version 3.6 of Google Photos, the same system works for videos. A low quality version is sent to the server, so you can share and view it on other platforms, in the meantime the application will gradually send a high quality version to the server.

The novelty is great and guarantees more security for your videos and agility for sharing.

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