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Google Photos now recognizes animal photos: Learn

One of the coolest features in Google Photos is face recognition and grouping your family and friends for a consultation anytime. Only our dear pets were missing. No more missing. And we will introduce you to this new feature.

Google recently announced that its Photos app now works with animal recognition. To do this, just go to your Play Store, the My Apps & Games section, and see if there's something to update.

With everything in the latest version, go to the Photos app and the albums menu below the screen. The app already informs you that there is a new feature and recommends you go to the settings where you can enable the pet function.

google animal photos 1b
s enable in the Google Photos / AndroidPIT app

Next, when you return to the album area you will already see that the section of people is now called People and Pets. Upon entering there, Photos already suggests albums made with some of the animals you capture most in photos. You can then click on these album suggestions and name the selected animals.

google animal photos 2
Now the app also prepares animal albums / AndroidPIT

Interestingly, the app does not work just like that. In the quest, it gets even more complete. After renaming the albums, you can now search for photos of your dog or cat directly. If you want to dig deeper, you can look for dog breeds and even use dog and cat emojis.

The function turned out to be so complete that it worked even with Pi, my pet pigeon. Although the app did not suggest an album for him, while searching for "pigeon" in the search, I found him and other pigeons that have already passed me by which I took pictures.

google animal photos 3
German pigeons and spitz also have their place! / AndroidPIT

Of course, you can still see some problems, such as very similar dogs being confused, or even cats appearing in dog albums. But a new feature, which is being enhanced through machine learning. Let's give Big G some more time, and soon the service will be more in tune.

And what did you think of this function? Will you wear it?

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