Google Phone

Google phone hits stores in 2010

The Google phone will be called Nexus One and, unsurprisingly, uses the Android operating system, supported by the web giant. The terminal was developed with HTC and is expected to hit stores early next year, says The Wall Street Journal.

In a post on Google’s blog, Mario Queiroz, the company’s vice president for product management, of Brazilian origin, said that a mobile laboratory was created, combining innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on the open Android system.

Google employees worldwide will already be testing the new equipment and some photos have already been published on Twitter and on the Engadget blog.

Google Phone
Google Phone

From the photographs, the model is very similar to the HTC Touch 2, which TeK has already mentioned several times, but which has been presented as one of the brand’s bets for Windows Phone. Anyway, HTC is one of the most committed manufacturers to launch models with Android and some terminals have many similarities in design.

According to indications from several sources, the new terminal that is being tested includes the update to Android version 2.1, but with an interface adapted by Google.

The commercialization model is not confirmed, but the various means guarantee that it will not pass through the association or link to any operator, unlike the Apple iPhone that went through exclusive agreements. The Nexus One will be sold over the Internet and may offer content supported by personalized advertising.