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Google pays Apple $ 9 billion to be Safari's default search engine in 2018

Remember when it was speculated that the Google would be decreasing (or at least getting the accelerator off) the amount of money Apple pays annually to keep its seeker as the standard for the ecosystem that encompasses the iOS it's the macOS? For it seems that the financial industry in Mountain View is not aware of this story, no.

According to an estimate made by Goldman Sachs bank analyst Rod Hall, Google paid in 2018 about $ 9 billion Apple to continue with the privileges of being the standard Safari seeker on Ma's two major operating systems. The amount, if correct, is three times what the company disbursed in 2017 for the same purpose, and, according to Hall, the trend that it keeps increasing: Google can spend $ 12 billion on this account next year.

This calculation, based on estimates, is necessary because neither company officially confirms the agreement or the amounts involved; Corporate investors (or potential investors), however, still need to know what the financial departments are doing with their rich money.

It's good to note that, as much as Google's money sounds like a hefty, it's absolutely strategic: Imagine the profit that generates the almost infinite amount of searches done every day on iOS / macOS Safari, and the thud that would hit Google accounts. company if suddenly tens of millions of users failed to do so. Terrible, isn't it?

So the deal between Apple and Google brings the best of both worlds: while the search giant secures its leading position, Ma remains the world's best search engine enabled as a standard in its ecosystem. So be it.

via AppleInsider