Google offers course with free modules on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Google offers course with free modules on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Google brought on Tuesday (26) an interesting news for those who want to learn a little more about augmented reality. This is a partially free course on how to create AR content for your platform. The course is over 15 hours long and can be done even by those with no experience in the subject.

The goal is not only to pass on the basic concepts of technology, but also to get the user to get his hands dirty by learning how to use Unity and Poly platforms to create his AR experiences. For those who don't know, Poly is Google's 3D content library for VR and AR, which works with ARCore and ARKit, which are development kits.

With this course it is possible to further expand the subject AR (augmented reality), making people have more contact with this technology that is still quite unknown to many. In addition, this course is a great gateway for people to see what you can do with ARCore.

As Google says in the video above presenting the course, via an Android smartphone that most people in the world will experience augmented reality technology, as there are and will always be more Android devices than iOS in the world. That way, anyone who is interested in creating AR or VR content cannot afford to ignore the platform.

For those who are interested and want to take the course, just access this link here and sign up. Please note that the option for complete gratuity should be requested under the "Request financial aid" option. The free version does not entitle you to the certificate of completion and participation in the course.

And you, what did you think about this initiative from Google?

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